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Security Wrench - SECURE-T WRENCH

Security Wrench - SECURE-T WRENCH


Slides in behind the frame and slots onto the flat section of the Secure- T Screw to turn it into the vertical position and lock the frame to the wall. The leading end of the wrench is angled for easy access behind the frame.


Demo: How to Install Security T screw for Hanging Wood Picture Frames

1. Attach wall plates to the hanging surface
at the height required for the top beam of the frame using the wall plates and self- tapping screws. Ensure that the plates are level.
2. Fix 2 of the frame plates to the rear of the top beam of the frame at the same distance apart as the wall plates with the frame plate screws
3. Fix the remaining frame plate to the centre of the rear of the bottom beam of the frame.
4. Hang the frame on the wall plates and mark the wall where the oblong central cut- out in the bottom frame plate meets the wall.
5. Drill a hole in the position marked in step 4, and insert the wall plug. Turn in the security screw to the end of the thread, leaving the screw head in a horizontal position.
6. Hang the frame on the wall plates and let the security screw head slot into the central cut- out of the bottom frame plate.
7. Turn the security screw into the vertical position with a Secure- T Wrench. The security screw locks into the bottom frame plate and the frame is fixed to the wall.