Print on Fabriano 5 Fine Art Textured Paper

Print on Fabriano 5 Fine Art Textured Paper

100% Archival quality - Archival rint on archival paper

Fabriano 5 Grana Satinata - 50% Cotton - 300GSM - Sheets

Good for all Fine Art Styles such as Watercolour, Drawings, Sketches and Oil painting Styles.

Perfect for digital reproduction of fine art.

These sheets are individually hand loaded into our printer

Printed on a Canon IPF8400 Fine Art Printer using high quality archival water based inks.

Perfect for any image requiring texture and reproducing watercolours and drawings.

- 70x100cm Sheets sizes - Maximum 

- The hot press (grana satinata) is the smoothest watercolor paper and is a favourite for digital printing. 

- 50% Cotton - Contains no Wood Fibres 

- Thick Paper - 300GSM 

- High Quality Mould Made - Identifies the papers produced through mould cylinder machines. This kind of production gives to the paper unique characteristics similar to an hand-made paper, through an industrial process. These represent the highest paper quality available in the market. 

- Acid Free - Paper produced in neutral environment without acids, in the past for the paper sizing alum-sulphate was used generating an increase in the paper acidity that decreased its resistance over time, obviously an undesired side effect.

- Long Life - The papers produced according to the ISO 9706 regulation are said LONG LIFE. It means that the paper has to be wood free (lignin free), with neutral- alkaline sizing and an alkaline buffer content, consisting in at least 2,5% of carbonate calcium to neutralize the acidic action of the environment.