G-Range Frame

G-Range Frame

ER 229 Profile Frame

America Float Frame

Measures 7mm x 50mm with a variable float gap.

The float gap can be up to 15mm wide.

Perfect for acrylic and oil paintings on deep stretcher frames,

Good for 30 & 40mm canvas.

Made from a species of wood called Triplochiton scleroxylon,

commonly known as Wawa, specially imported from plantations in West

Africa conforming to sustainable resource harvesting. 

We also offer this frame in Kiaat wood.

This frame does not hold glass or mount boards or backing boards.

It is by nature an open frame.

Skew stretchers are not suitable for this profile.

Specific sizes not listed here can also be made on request.

Allow 3-5 working days for manufacture.

Download the printable pdf with  graphics with measurements from here.

Download the printable pdf price list from here.

Click here for a printable list of  Standard Print & Paper Sizes


Please note - These frames are made to order - They are not stock items.

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