Original Disc Plate Hanger

NEW STOCK ARRIVED ! - 19 October 2023
The original ‘invisible’ adhesive DISC plate hanger tested and proven over more than 50 years.
Made in England by The Disc Plate Hanger Company.

The invisible answer to ugly plate wires. No clips or hooks. The DISC plate hanger sticks to the back of the plate and holds it flat and secure against the wall, and cannot be seen.

Safety Assured - The DISC gives a permanent adhesion of great strength to a glazed or an unglazed surface. A fixing that will not “age - harden” or deteriorate with time. It is unaffected by any normal household extremes of temperature or humidity.

Removal - The DISC removes completely in warm water and will not remove back stamps, glazes, or any other markings.

More than just for Plates - The following describes some of the potential uses that customers have developed over the last 50 years, including tips from the manufacturer of what and what not to do!


Easy to use - Use on all fired materials such as unglazed backs of wall tiles, terracotta, etc. Note: Plaster of Paris is not that strong in its own right and may give way under its own weight, so even though the DISC sticks well we don't recommend it be used.

  1. First clean the plate, (even if the plate is new, as surface contamination may inhibit adhesion).
  2. Wet the adhesive side of the disc and slowly agitate with your finger to activate the glue.
  3. When the glue becomes “tacky” apply the disc to the back of the plate (ensure the hook is in the correct position for plate design).
  4. Press down firmly, leave to dry overnight before thoroughly testing the strength of adhesion.
  5. Hang your plate on the wall and admire!


China and Porcelain Bowls - These cannot be displayed by traditional wires but the 3D effect obtained by hanging bowls using the DISC is quite stunning.

Glass - The transparency of glass items does not generally lend itself to display by DISCs but some smoky, opaque, milk glass objects look fabulous.

Copper, Brass and Silver Plates - Other metals may be OK but each needs to be checked by the customer. Weight is the important criteria as the diameter guide on the header card is for china and porcelain. The weight limits are very conservative and are based on the strength and integrity of the cloth and D-Rings and not the bond strength between the glue and the surface it is stuck to.

In the case of metals, any oxide formation should be removed first with a proprietary cleaner and then cleaned with neat detergent and rinsed in clean water.


Two DISCs - Connected by strong cord or wire may be used if heavier objects are to be displayed. (This same “picture hanging” type of approach may be adopted for hanging awkward shaped items or orientation sensitive items).

Mirrors - Some people hang mirrors but much depends on the “silvering” materials that are used on the back of the mirror glass. We cannot guarantee success. We only suggest they try it and see if it works on the mirror at their own risk.

Unvarnished Wooden Articles and Hardboard Backed Pictures - The DISCs will stick to some varnishes but not to others (the same applies to paint). We recommend customers try it first and if it won't stick to the varnish then remove it locally. The water-soluble glue will not stick to vegetable oils. Linseed is one, so anything that has been "oiled" will reject the glue.

Note: Some manufacturers paint the back of plates on the top of the glaze or fired surfaces. We recommend that paint be removed locally on glass or porcelain etc, as the bond between the paint and the plate is often not good enough to suspend the weight of the plate over a period of time.