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Only the best equipment and materials are used at all times - no compromises.

Quality Standard Picture Frame Mouldings

We have selected only the best wholesalers to supply our framing materials and mouldings.

We regularly use high quality synthetic mouldings manufactured from compressed polystyrene , Wooden mouldings are manufactured and finished locally from obeche wood. The obeche wood is imported from West Africa and grown sustainably. 

High quality synthetic mouldings have replaced many wooden profiles over the last few years. Synthetic mouldings are suitable for high moisture content areas such as bathrooms and homes at the coast.

For most applications it shouldn't matter if you choose wood or synthetic.

Both will do the job perfectly.

Wood mouldings are still as popular as ever before. The raw and natural profiles are currently the most sought after for a contemporary gallery look.

Most of our wood mouldings are made from a species of wood called Triplochiton scleroxylon, commonly known as Wawa, specially imported from plantations in West Africa conforming to sustainable resource harvesting. 

Sustainable harvesting is a main priority for our suppliers when searching for new wood suppliers. They have to carry an FSC certification that proves that their forests are sustainably harvested.

Aluminium mouldings are manufactured and finished in South Africa.

New aluminium profiles are very narrow and can acheive what wood can't.

Here are links to our selected suppliers.

Supreme Mouldings - Best known for quality Synthetic Mouldings

Serame Mouldings - Best known for quality Wooden Mouldings

Print Design and Mouldings - Best known for quality Aluminium profiles

Quality Standard Framing Materials

We use only the best quality framing materials and finishes.

Backing Board

Our standard backing board is 3mm MDF. Consider the final picture frame as a sandwich of materials all working together to protect and support your artworks. New synthetic mouldings are not as rigid as wooden mouldings. An inferior backing compromises the integrity of the entire structure. Some framers use inferior cardboard box materials. Some are even using used boxes from the local supermarket. These materials have a high acid content, they warp and absorb a lot of moisture. This becomes the perfect place for mould spores to develop and migrate into you art or photographs.


Our standard clear glass is 3mm thick. Some framers are using 2mm glass on very large artworks. We have replaced the broken glass on many artworks where the glass has broken and sliced through valuable artworks.

As an alternative we also use 3mm Clear Acrylic (Perspex) and we can source 2mm and 4mm museum glass. These are the most expensive options and take a lot longer to complete.

Quality Standard Accessories

We use only high quality framing accessories.

Mostly from the AMS brand.   


Art Materials Service has been manufacturing high quality, reliable framing accessories since 1976.

We have packaged smaller quantities for your convenience. 

We also offer self adhesive brown paper backing tape, double sided tape, cotton gloves and acid free archival framers tape.

Click here to see more info on accessories.